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Little coffee shops in country towns have slowly turned into a big city stages, but Josh Fabe hasn’t forgotten where he’s from. Deep in the smooth, soulful melodies, chant-worthy hooks, and mesmeric guitar work, Fabe still brings that genuine hometown vibe every time he’s on stage.


Blending the classic vibes of rhythm and blues, sweet southern soul, rowdy folk & country, with contemporary feels and crafty lyricism, Fabe is no stranger to working across every genre he lays his ears on. 


“I grew up surrounded by such a mosaic of music, I could never really stay fixed to one thing. To me it’s about the continuity of all music — not just a genre or a phase or an era. Like people, music moves and changes and is dynamic. I find the beauty of it all when I get caught among such a plethora of influence and am able to come out with something of my own.”


And with a quick listen to a performance, it’s not surprising he hasn't stayed in a single genre. Whether he’s churning out a fiery solo or telling the stories an acoustic guitar, his versatility speaks for itself. From his blues-laden soulful work like “Madmen Poets and Whores” to his simple, catchy, but sentimental piece like “It Would Please Me to Please You”, it’s hard to put a finger on where it’s all coming from, but you can always know it’s his. 


Starting out in a few bands of his father’s, Fabe was exposed to a high level of musicianship and commitment to his craft at a very green age. From talent shows to festivals, he’s only ever moving forward.


After a brief stint in London, Fabe finally made his way from his single-stoplight town of St. George, Ontario to the sprawling vibrance of Toronto and can be found playing across the province on almost any given night. 


With his debut EP well on it’s way, there’s always something more to be looking forward to.

“Music has a momentum to it. I write and learn in phases and keep my ears open to all the beautiful sounds this world has to offer. I could never stop that.”



Girl Crush (Little Big Town Cover)
Please Me to Please You




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